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Partnership with Us​
 In Our Company, or city, there are a lot of students who wish to visit and study in Canada.
We love to make partnerships with your school.
We usually send 10-30 students who love to study English to go to universities or colleges in Canada. 
We support them to find their goals for their future in Canada. 
2018 Summer Program at Stafford
We brought 10 students in 2018
She didn't have a future dream before she had joined in our program, but she found it to be a professhional nailist in the future.
By 17 years old student
She noticed that she should go to university to learn English and International culture. So this year, she passed a very famous university examination.
By 18 years old student
His school grade was very terrible, but he got rank30 of the 200 students in his school. His grades are improving.
By 16 years old student 
He couldn't communicate with people well, but his communication skill improved very much. He is able to talk to people without shyness now.
By 20 years old student
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